I was tired of trying to figure out what to make for supper every night

Supper Sorted was started, because I was tired of trying to figure out what to make for supper every night.  I am a mom of three boys, so I need to cook healthy meals, but I also need quick and easy meals. I found myself not only shopping every day, but making the same boring meals over and over again. 

Ready made meals worked out too expensive.

I tried buying ready made meals, but it worked out more expensive and my family didn’t always like the taste. They wanted my cooking. (We all have our own style and add our own flavour to our cooking.) I then tried a service where they deliver a box of ingredients and recipes, but quite often I would end up throwing food away that my kids or I didn’t eat. And I still had to adjust the recipes, because feeding 4 males, I need a recipe for 4-8 not 4-6.

Supper Sorted was saving me money on groceries each week!

So I started planning my weekly menus and worked out a shopping list. When I used it I could shop once a week instead of daily! I started noticing that I was saving money on groceries each week! We were also not throwing away as much food as we used to. And we were eating interesting meals for a change. Another bonus is that I also had so much more time on my hands.

I lost 11kg in one year!

Another surprise that I did not expect is that I lost weight. Taking the stress out of deciding what to make for supper means we regularly ate healthy balanced meals instead of throwing together a quick unhealthy meal or last minute convenience foods. I lost 11kg in one year without making any changes to my diet. 

I realised I could make a difference.

People I knew started noticing and pretty soon I was emailing my weekly menu plan and shopping to a regular database each week. It was time consuming to compile the shopping lists manually, so being a web developer with my own web development company, I was able to make Supper Sorted a lot more functional online, with customizable meal plan and shopping list.  Now you don’t have to wait for your weekly email. You can access the supper sorted meal plan, recipes, shopping list and so much more from your phone, tablet or PC at any time and create custom meal plans and shopping lists. 

For me Supper Sorted was never about building an income, (I run my own company for that) but to have a really great service that saves time, saves money and ends the daily struggle of deciding what to make for supper!  So when I saw that there was a problem that needed solving, I knew Supper Sorted could be the solution.

I keep seeing non profit organisations asking for donations. One in particular that struck me was an animal shelter that I had adopted two rescue dogs from, posted on Social Media asking for food and donations as they only had  a few days food left. My thought was what if everyone who follow their page just gave a little each month, they would have enough. Then over the next few months two shelters closed, including the one where we adopted our dogs. 

I realised that Supper Sorted could make a difference by giving people something of value for their donations. If you are getting something that is worth more than you are paying, you will be happy to keep paying for it. This mean the organisation will get regular funding.

I also became very aware of how many single income families are just not making ends meet. There are constantly people looking for a way to make extra cash part time. Desperation can cause people to lose money on scams, which only makes their situation worse.  I had been in a similar situation myself as as single mom. When my income barely covered my expenses it was tough to look at my three kids and not be able to provide. I felt bad not being able to put healthy snacks in their lunchboxes or treat them occasionally. I had set my goal to be able to work from home by the time my kids went to high school. I started my business as aside hustle and built it into a company that allowed me to be able to quit my job and work from home 15 months before my son started high school. I was thinking of ways I could help others in my situation,  and that’s when I realised that I could make a difference with Supper Sorted. 

That is why we decided to include a affiliate plan that will allow anyone to earn an income from supper sorted. Other affiliate plans pay between 5% and 25% to affiliates. At Supper sorted we pay a total of 47%! 

How it works

The reality is that a platform of this size requires a team to maintain it. For it to survive it needs to be self sustaining. So our priority is to
price Supper Sorted as low as we can while still maintaining a great service and being able to pay a good commission to organisations and affiliates. Anyone can register as an affiliate and earn money by telling your friends and family about Supper Sorted.  You also earn commission if your referrals become affiliates, so you still benefit from word of mouth. If you want to earn some extra cash each month, just tell your friends about us. If you want to build a good income you can build a team of affiliates that work for you. You can really choose how much you want to earn.  

We have set up a training academy where we train affiliates in business skills so that they can use the extra income they make from being an affiliate to fund a start up or side hustle that can grow into a successful business!

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