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How Supper Sorted Works

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Frequently asked questions

Helping you maintain a healthy eating plan  is important to us at Supper Sorted You can easily share any Supper Sorted recipes to the My Fitness Pal app to get a full nutritional breakdown.  Just follow the steps below:
1.Open the Supper Sorted and select the recipe you want to transfer to MyFitnessPal.
2. Click the share icon and share it to yourself. 
3. Copy the URL link. 
4. Go to the MyFitnessPal App and click “more” at the bottom right, then go to Recipes, meals and Foods. 
5. Click create a recipe > Add from the web and Paste the URL and click on Go, then import Recipe.
6. Click next unlit the recipe is added. Make sure that the servings match the recipe as it defaults to 1. 
1. Open the Supper Sorted and access the recipe you want to transfer. 
2. Highlight the URL in the address bar and copy it
3. Open the My Fitness Pal app and click “go to the “Food”  
4. Choose the “Recipes” tab.
5. Paste the recipe URL and click “Go.”
6. Make sure that the servings match those of the recipe, then click “match ingredients” 
7. Save and log!

Yes you can. Simply go to “My Collections”

There you build any meal plans you want.  Or you can use one of our pre-made templates.  You can add recipes and then generate a shopping list. This is great for meal planning, menu planning for an event and even catering for different dietary needs of family members. 

Yes, All recipes are fully adjustable. You can add the amount of people you will be serving and the recipes will automatically adjust the ingredients list

Our website is built to function as a mobile app and desktop website. Adding it to the home screen of your phone is super easy!

1. Open Google Chrome
2. Go to the website. 
3. Drop down the menu by tapping the screen’s three-dot icon at the top right-hand corner.
4. Select Add to Home screen

iPhone or iPad
1. Open Safari
2. Navigate to the website you want to save to your home screen by entering the URL of the website you want to create a shortcut to.
3. Tap the Share button on the bottom of the page.
4. In the list of options that appear, scroll down until you see ‘Add to Home Screen”

In the membership area you can update your profile: https://suppersorted.com/membership-account/your-profile/

If you need help you can email support@suppersorted.co.za

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